🍀On the way to Sustainable World with SBM Monaco @montecarlosbm 🍀
While Monaco presents a model of sustainable life, the group SBM delivers a standard of sustainable green luxury and provides connection between past and present.
Last weekend one of the hotels of Société des Bains de Mer Group offered a unique opportunity to its guests to become a spectator of GP Historique and enter a new era of green engagement. Exceptional experience of travel back in time combined with new concepts of Sustainable Era.
Sustainability is a top priority for the group SBM. Indeed, it is omnipresent starting from Michelin starred restaurants Le Grill and Le Louis XV to the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo. No wonder the last one got a Green Globe Certification. It is the original Standard that all tourism eco-labels are based on. So if you want to do your own green contribution, you need to meet the very best Standard there is for sustainable tourism.
Speaking about SBM commitments for sustainable tourism one should mention: responsible consumption of water and clean energy resources, encouraging local organic supply of regional products, biodiversity preservation etc.
As Ivan Artolly said, « It is just the beginning of many more carefully planned initiatives with quite ambitious goals to come”. Isn’t it a real concept of green luxury? Share with us your opinion 🍀