🍀The Great Tourism Reset🍀
The reset button has been pushed in many industries, and tourism is no exception. Our future is taking a new shape, will it be possible to accept the coming changes without losing the links with traditions? That’s a difficult question, however, in the Bastide de Moustiers @la_bastide_de_moustiers they know the answer to it.
The 17th century hotel with an authentic restaurant offering local delicacies brings together traditions and modern environmentally-friendly approach. Its owner multi-Michelin starred chef Alain Ducasse @alainducasse encourages everyone to join this green reset on the way to sustainable future. Here in the heart of Provence in the foothill of the Alps between the lavender fields near the Saint Croix, a famous lake with turquoise waters, one can learn about nature and its value. Green engagement of the hotel can be determined by the dishes served in its restaurant. Vegetables, aromatic herbs and fruits come to the plates of guests from a garden where all plants are cared for using sustainable agricultural practices. One more sustainable practice applied is replacing coffee machines with communal amenities and minimising water use for laundry by encouraging guests to be mindful of towel usage. In addition, as an eco transport option, one may rent a bicycle here or charge an electric car.
As Alain Ducasse said, « If we take nature as our guide, then we shall never lose our way»
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