#BreakingNews: Wireless vehicle charging.
A new innovative approach of charging electric vehicles while driving was proposed by Khurram Afridi, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering in the College of Engineering. It won’t be necessary to search for a recharging station, all one needs is to change lanes and drive over special charging strips. This project was inspired by the experiments of Nicola Tesla,
who amazed audiences in the 1890s by using alternating electric fields to illuminate unplugged fluorescent lamps.
“There are a lot of infrastructure questions that get asked when you say, ‘OK, we’re going to enable electric vehicles.’” Afridi said. “How does that society function? If every vehicle in the country was electric, you would need a lot of outlets to plug them in. We don’t have that kind of power available in our homes to be able to charge them very fast.”

Source: https://live-cornell-news.pantheonsite.io/sites/default/files/styles/full_size/public/2021-04/0428_electric1.jpg?itok=ChO3CAgE`