As you know, sustainable mobility occupies a prominent place for Monasia Association. So without thinking too long, we accepted our invitations to Drive to Zero Salon. As usual, we arrived in Paris by train at SNCF, a vital player in low-carbon mobility. Did you know that choosing rail is good for the environment? When you travel by train, you generate only about 50% of the greenhouse gas footprint from driving alone and only 1.5% of the footprint from a long-distance flight. Getting back to our arrival, at the train station Gare de Lyon we caught a hydrogen taxi to get to our favourite CSR-engaged Hotel Ritz @ritzparis . Indeed, it was destiny from the very beginning. We started our journey to the Drive to Zero Salon with the most sustainable existing types of transport. Many countries, institutions and companies have committed to reducing their emissions, while the EU has even set the objective of being "climate neutral" by 2050. All of us can contribute to fighting global warming by making climate-friendly choices in our daily lives. The climate imperative is transforming the world. It is forcing us to change how we produce, consume and travel. To adapt to these changes, a new mobility ecosystem is being organised, responding to new challenges and devising new solutions.
Drive to Zero. The first professional event has brought together public players and companies to meet the challenges of deploying low-carbon mobility: Supporting the transformation of the sector
Connecting public and private players for the deployment of the necessarv infrastructures
Promote low-carbon mobility solutions...
This story deserves one more article. Stay tuned! S and drive to Zero with us!