Today we face a historic moment for action on climate change! President Biden’s Leaders Summit on Climate is the best proof for « all of government » approach. Major economies including the EU, the USA, the UK, China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Canada and Russia are committing to a single action to achieve zero-net emissions by 2050. “The countries that take decisive actions now” to tackle climate change, Mr. Biden said, “will be the ones that reap the clean energy benefits of the boom that’s coming.”
Obviously it’s a turning point in our history that shows - only by joint effort and cooperation of all the stakeholders it is possible to provide a better prosperous future of our planet as well as achieve Global Sustainable Development. Indeed, Multilateralism Matters as it was announced during the Davos Agenda 2021 earlier this year.
Now we are looking forward to seeing @cop26uk to get a complete Climate Action Plan...indeed, the world is watching us and the moment is with us.
Stay tuned and join us to be aware of the latest global events

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