With the spring arrival our thoughts are turning to new beginnings and fresh thinking. The Association de sommeliers de Nice is ready to follow this spirit. At the time of troubles the ASNCAP shows unprecedented vitality with a new President Florian Guilloteau during its general assembly in Chateau du #Crémât.The programme included dinner in Chateau du Crémât and two master classes: Cava Wine Tasting and Spanish #Wine Tasting. Undoubtedly, the new trend in the sector is #Sustainability, as the #Green Deal is underway, the wine producers go along with this new reality and pass through this improvement. That’s the case of Jimbroworld, champagne Castelnau Champagne CASTELNAU and Château du Crémât with its #bellet wines. Bellet wine is an exclusive urban vineyard with an #AOC « Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée ».There are only nine producers, including the Château de Crémat. This exceptional place has also become a source of inspiration for Gabrielle (Coco) #Chanel who used to visit her friend, Irene Bretz, at the castle. According to the #legend, she granted Gabrielle permission to use the intertwine shape, a decorated symbol on the castle’s windows and doors. That’s what the legend says. However, even if Gabrielle Chanel was not inspired by the castle almost a hundred years ago, the castle is now inspired by her and this legend. As you enter the building, two statues of golden prancing horses adorn the lobby in addition to a towering chandelier. There are tags on each item. Tagged items actually come from the Ritz, the luxury hotel in Paris. In fact, no tags needed to understand it as the spirit of Ritz and the Chanel time lives in this castle...That’s the place where you understand that Chanel was right when she said, “Fashion changes, but style endures” MonAsia Association would like to express our gratitude for the invitation to the new President of ASNCAP Florian Guilloteau and M. Derichebourg, the castle of Crémât owner, and congratulate for the high level of organization and the professionalism which made it possible to gather so many experts and hold successfully this event. We are looking forward to meeting you again. #sommelier #nice #monaco #france #GeneralAssembly2021 #winetasting #biowine #environnement #social #government #weareinagreendeal #greendeal #chanel #history #heritage #ritzparis