«Toutes vos vues sont admirables. Si jamais le Ciel a quelque curiosité pour nos spectacles, ses habitants ne choisiront pas d’autre lieu que celui-là.»
These lines are taken from a letter written on July 13, 1689 by Mme de Sévigné, preparing to visit her daughter in the #castle of Grignan.

This castle, perched on top of the town and commanding the surrounding plain is one of Provence’s literary #highlights. This is where the Marquise de Sévigné’s daughter, Madame de Grignan lived after being married with a #Provencal gentleman. The letters from the mother to the daughter are one the most wonderful examples of the French epistolary art in the 17th century. The marquise paid some visits to her daughter but she dreaded the long journeys in the #Rhone valley and preferred writing. Her correspondence remains a #monument of tenderness and wit, a veritable masterpiece of French literature. Honestly, this land is rich in #masterpieces: literature, #nature and certainly cuisine, for the last one we should pay tribute to @julienallano Julien Allano, a visionary chef advocating a spontaneous, zero-waste, product-oriented cuisine, who was awarded a ‘green star’ in 2020, the Michelin guide’s new sustainable #gastronomy icon. His practices include : a “Menu Confiance” based on what Mother Nature has to offer; local sourcing, always getting closer to customers and suppliers, a zero waste cuisine, a total #transparency of supply and production methods. We were able to estimate his practices through a seasonal cuisine centered on #authenticity while staying in La Clair de la Plume. We can’t help but admit it does not only respond to all the #sustainability requirements but it’s incredibly delicious as well. Such places #inspire changes and serve as educators. Isn’t it high time to accept their #lessons?