First Crypto Art Exhibition takes place in Tokyo đŸ–Œ

Tokyo-based tattoo artist Ichi Hatano saw an opportunity to cut his losses by bringing the modern concept to his hometown for Tokyo's first crypto art exhibition.
Hatano's ink tattoos featuring Japanese folk creatures were especially popular with foreign visitors until Japan closed its borders to tourists due to COVID-19. Hatano has now gone digital, selling his designs as NFTs, virtual objects that have taken the art world by storm.
“It's great for artists to have a new market, it opens a lot of possibilities. This is the emergence of new economy, a new way to value art," said the 44-year-old, who has five digital artworks on sale at the show, which opened last weekend in Tokyo.
His work is among 150 NFTs from several dozen artists on display at the "CrypTokyo" exhibition in the Japanese capital's trendy Harajuku district.
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