On the way to the #European #GreenDeal While the @europeancommission launches Pollinator Park, we’d like to tell you about a pollinator hotel in Monaco installed in the Saint-Martin Gardens. The pollinator hotels exist all over the world and offer numerous benefits. Despite their decorative qualities, they encourage biodiversity, help to control pests and increase eco system productivity. In addition, it’s a great opportunity for educating children about ecological balance in the garden. It’s especially useful now, at the time of the pollinator crisis. As @virginijus_sinkevicius commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries said: “The alarming decline of insects that pollinate crops and wild plants puts food security at risk and threatens our survival. The EU is already working hard to reverse the loss of pollinators with the European Green Deal, but we need a broad effort across the society, with contributions from scientists and experts, businesses and citizens. Pollinator Park aims to show the dangers of ‘business as usual’, inviting us all to strengthen our efforts to protect pollinators and ensure a better future for ourselves and future generations”.