For five incredible years, the Hotel de Paris has served for MonAsia Association as a prime location to witness the revolution of motorsport towards sustainability, courtesy of Formula E. This legendary venue, nestled in the heart of Monaco, offers more than just luxury; it provides a front-row seat to the thrilling, zero-emission races that are redefining the future of the automotive world. Yesterday's event was a testament to Monaco's commitment to sustainable development goals. From our cherished vantage point at the Hotel de Paris, the electric atmosphere of Formula E was palpable. The shift from the roar of Formula 1 engines to the hum of electric motors marks a significant change in the automotive industry, one that we have embraced wholeheartedly. As enthusiasts of electric vehicles, the transition to the dynamic world of Formula E has been both exhilarating and inspiring. Alejandro Agag, the visionary behind Formula E, continues to push the boundaries of green technology. His recent ventures into hydrogen racing and an electric powerboat championship are setting new benchmarks for sustainable racing. These pioneering efforts not only promote cleaner racing formats but also align with the global shift towards minimizing environmental impact. The spirit of innovation that drives Formula E resonates deeply with the ethos of the Hotel de Paris, where tradition meets modernity. This iconic hotel has always been at the forefront of offering exceptional experiences, and hosting views of the Formula E race is a highlight that attracts fans from around the world. As we celebrate these past five years, we admit that the Hotel de Paris is more than just a place to stay—it's a gateway to the future of racing, right in the lap of luxury. Join us to witness the continuation of this exciting journey towards a more sustainable world, one race at a time