🚜 Green Farming is here: Meet the Monarch, First Fully Electric ‘Smart’ Tractor 🚜
Monarch Tractor is the world’s smartest, fully electric, autonomous tractor. Its deployment is sure to accelerate a transition towards green sustainable farming.
“The food ecosystem is ready for transformation with farmers demanding sustainable tools that can increase efficiency and farm profitability. Thus, we have seen an incredible and accelerating demand for our Monarch Tractor,” said Praveen Penmetsa, CEO, Monarch Tractor. “The strategic investments by global leaders like CNH Industrial validate the Monarch Tractor platform’s broad application globally and beyond farm products. We are excited to have a group of investors who share a commitment to supporting the sustainable development of agriculture and positive global impact on farm economics and sustainability.”
The Monarch has already won numerous awards including Big Innovation Award and “2020 Tractor of The Year”.
It’s an exciting time for agtech with the powerful convergence of traditional farming and cutting-edge technology,” said Dennis Muilenburg, investor and advisor, Monarch Tractor. “Monarch Tractor is leading the way, delivering on an ambitious effort to make farming smarter, greener and safer than ever before. With the support of the investment community, Monarch Tractor is poised to achieve its mission to empower today’s farmers and enable the transition to more productive, precise and sustainable farming practices.”