Hydrogen Race is to Start - stay tuned 🍀⚡️
Hydrogen power presents great importance and Russia could play a key role in production and transportation of a new form of energy.
At the moment, energy circles in Russia are awaiting the adoption of a full-length detailed Concept for Hydrogen Development, in which Russia will reportedly em­phasise strategic cooperation with Germany, France, Japan and South Korea. The draft Concept estimates that by 2050, Rus­sia will export between 7.9 and 33.4 million tons of hydrogen annually, earning up to $100 billion in revenues. There is vivid discussion among Russian experts on the key directions of hydrogen policy
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said on Friday that Russia agreed to set up a working group on hydrogen production with partners from Germany, France and Australia.
Russia was also going to engage in digitisation efforts to boost its energy systems with view to closer integration with western partners.