Would you like an adventure, or shall we have our tea first? We are glad to share our favourite moments from the Lepton Charity Tea Party.

This day was marked by three important events: Queen Elizabeth the Second Birthday date 👑, Earth Day 🌍 and the official launch of the Lepton Charity Foundation in the Metaverse 🐝!

Indeed it was a celebration of transition! We have chosen Alice in Wonderland as the event's central theme. Alice was living in a world she was unfamiliar with—just like we live in a new and changing world. She also realised that she had to change to fit in and understand the new world. Climate change is modifying our world—stronger storms, higher temperatures, and rising sea levels—are all becoming more prominent. As a society, we need to understand that it's time to make a transition. Just as Alice discovered that the true power was within herself as it was in each of us, now may be the time to look into the innate nature of our species which will always thirst both for food and knowledge and discover easy measures to solve and enjoy the abundance nature can provide us? We must make this shift happen and adapt to a new mindset to fit this new Reality. It is becoming “curiouser and curiouser “.😉
We want to thank our dearest stakeholders for their contributions to this important day: Green Lab Design for the wonderful decoration and sharing our Meta vision, Eileen Donaghey, tea champion and an Afternoon Tea expert from the UK Tea Academy, for hosting Lepton Charity Tea Party and guiding us through the Tea universe and Bistrot Gourmand, you made this day unforgettable with your understanding, and faultless arranging abilities.