Let #BeeDay be #Everyday
Inclusion is key, also when it comes to bees. Today we were so excited to meet our new Stakeholder, Les Jardins de MirAzur, and deliver their gift (see the post about #BeeDay #Giveaway). #Pollinators are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat! Unfortunately, pollinator populations are in decline around the world. The good news? There are easy and actionable steps we can take to ensure healthy pollinator populations! There's nothing impossible if we join our efforts on the way towards the same goal - #Sustainability in its perfection. Now it is a trend however, for @restaurantmirazur MirAzur it has been more than a tendency but a #philosophy since its opening in 2006.
According toits chef @maurocolagreco Mauro Colagresco, the first foreign-born chef in #France to earn three #Michelin stars, the principal ingredient of a sustainable future is a constant dialogue with #nature. In MirAzur Universe, you feel connected to Nature as you can observe it in its cosmic beauty and perfection. Notably, in MirAzur Sanctuaries we managed to see numerous pollinators which is not the case in our surroundings these days. As you can guess, our pollinator hotels have soon received their new guests which was so exciting to observe.
We believe all pollinators can live harmoniously and share the environment. Let's make sure there is #shelter, food, and pesticide-free air for all of them, and for us humans too!
On behalf of the MonAsia Association, we would like to express our gratitude to our engaged Stakeholders @restaurantmirazurMirAzur @jardinesdelmirazur particularly to Laura Colagreco, for their dedication and motivation, to Lepton Charity Foundation @lepton_foundation for their financial support, and all the participants of our #BeeDay #GIVEAWAY. Thanks to you we can make a difference and make this world a better place for the generations to come.