The MonAsia Association is proud to announce a significant collaboration with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, with a substantial donation of €60,000 to bolster the Foundation's Human Wildlife Initiative in the Mercantour region. This contribution underlines our steadfast commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land, which promotes the sustainable management of forests, combats desertification, and preserves biodiversity. During a fruitful meeting with the Foundation's Executive Director, Mr. Roman Ciarlet, and Project Manager, Mr. Guilherme Haguenauer, alongside our CEO, Mr. Mikhail Nefedov, and Technical Director, Ms. Anastasiia Lutcenko, we discussed the tangible impacts of our collaboration. This gathering reinforced our mutual dedication to environmental conservation and allowed us to explore further avenues for our joint initiatives. A significant portion of our contribution will fund an exciting project—a 52-minute documentary by filmmaker Rémy Masseglia. This film, set to premiere nationally, will showcase the diverse wildlife and rich ecosystems of the Mercantour National Park. Audiences will be treated to intimate portrayals of majestic deer, elusive wolves, and the mystical owls of Tengmalm, all while highlighting the crucial conservation efforts necessary to safeguard these precious habitats. We eagerly invite everyone to watch this revealing documentary upon its release and join us in supporting the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation's efforts to protect our planet's invaluable natural resources. Through strategic partnerships and compelling storytelling, we believe that we can generate a significant impact and foster a deeper connection between our communities and the natural world. Together, let's continue to make a real difference in conserving our planet's biodiversity for future generations. Join us in this vital cause as we work hand in hand with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to ensure a sustainable and thriving environment.