The secret to living is giving. By contributing to the well-being of our environment, one finds a meaning in life. Today in the presence of the representatives of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (CEO and Vice President Mr Olivier Wenden and General Secretary Mr Roman Ciarlet) and the team of Monasia Association, Mr Mikhail Nefedov, President of Monasia Association, presented a cheque for EUR 100 000 to support Human Wildlife Initiative carried out by the Foundation, notably in the Mercantour.

Several days before this presentation, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation organised a visit for Mr Nefedov and members of his association to the National Park of Mercantour. The programme included a visit to “Maison du Mercantour”, a new education space where one can learn about the flora and fauna of Mercantour and participate in a bearded vultures monitoring.

Thanks to the monitoring it is possible to estimate the population size, age and class distribution as well as analyse the movement of birds, thus get baseline information for the species survival. These data will serve to determine conservation strategies and activities dedicated to the biodiversity preservation.
Notably in 2013 HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco whose family has been supporting the National Park of Mercantour since the day of its creation in 1979, released bearded vultures into the wild in the frame of the programme of reintroduction animals into their natural habitat.

The example of His Serene Highness shows the importance of personal engagement into the conservation project. According to the President of Monasia Association, Mr Nefedov that is one of the reasons of his choice to become a donor of the “Human Wildlife Initiative” ‘For me it’s important to be an active partner and contributor, to be able to visit a project site and to get into open interaction with all the stakeholders. A picture speaks more than a thousand words. Money is not enough to solve the problem, that’s what I repeat to my team, you should also invest your time and energy. Otherwise you are just a passive supporter, but not an active contributor’. Luckily the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation gives us this opportunity to play a small role on our road towards sustainable future.
On behalf of Monasia Association and its founder Mr Nefedov we would like to thank Olivier Wenden, Roman Ciarlet, Philippe Mondielli, Boris Opolka, Natalie Siefert and Hervé Brosius for this wonderful discovery of the National Park of Mercantour and enhancing the knowledge of the living world of this remarkable region