Power to the plug-ins celebrated at the Camping Les Templiers made possible by Lepton Charity Foundation with a media support of MonAsia Association.
The Camping Les Templiers now has even more appeal for zero emission vehicles visiting Roquebillière with the Installation of the first Electric Car Charging Station.
The Charging Station (Schneider Electric) was donated by Lepton Charity Foundation, and it was installed by MONACORSU. The Charging Station is available for visitors to the Camping Les Templiers arriving by zero emission plug-in electric vehicles.
This is the first of many EV charging Stations planned for a network across numerous destinations as a part of the project « Travel Sustainably With Lepton Charity » to respond to the pressing challenges of climate crisis and to motivate the broader public to become part of the solution. By adopting this charger as well as by starting many other Sustainable Initiatives, Camping Les Templiers got a CSR label by MonAsia Association. Certification was made by Anastasiia Lutcenko, CSR Director of MonAsia Association, « At MonAsia we are propelled by the desire to create positive change, it’s our mission to support our stakeholders, existing and potential, aimed to be catalysts for tangible changes on the projects we believe will have a beneficial effect upon the environment and society. We admire Lepton Charity Initiative « Travel Sustainably With Lepton Charity » and their commitment to make our world a better and a greener place. Camping Les Templiers shows us a perfect example how joint forces of several stakeholders can provide a significant impact. It is really inspiring », said Anastasiia.
« Electric Vehicles are catching on, and I am proud to be a plug-in vehicle owner, being the member of Porsche Club of Monaco I am also dreaming of buying an all-electric Taycan one day and follow an example of Mikhaïl [Mikhail Nefedov - Founder of Lepton CharityFoundation] who became the first all-Electric Porsche owner in our club. EV market should grow, I have always stood for environmental stewardship, and I am grateful that Lepton Charity and MonAsia Association help to inspire our visitors to reduce their carbon footprint and transform their state of mind. Otherwise, the nature will respond us…. just recall the Storm Alex consequences. For me it is sufficient », said Arnaud Leclercq, a Camping Les Templiers owner.
« As a plug-in driver myself, I know how important it is to develop our electric infrastructure so it’s easy to charge in all the places where we live, work and relax. Camping Les Templiers is a place rich in special energy, a destination that everyone would want to visit. Now it’s possible for sustainable-minded drivers to enjoy their trips to Roquebillière without any range anxiety. I couldn’t really be more excited about our collaboration with Arnaud since he is also a member of Porsche Club of Monaco as well as an EV driver, and we see the future in the same way. That’s a real example of Stakeholder Solidarity », told us Mikhaïl Nefedov, Founder of Lepton Charity Foundation.