There's nothing like standing at the edge of the #ocean.especially a day before the #start of #2022... Here you understand the simple truth: there is no #nature and us. We are part of nature, we belong inside the web of life. Unfortunately we have forgotten it. Undeniably, we have some problems in this world due to this #disconnection: from #climate change to loss of fertile topsoil, from #biodiversity loss to plastics pollution in our oceans, from air pollution in our cities to shortages of drinkable water.
The solution is on the surface - we need to change. As Mahatma Gandhi said it wisely: "Be the #change you want to see in the world."
And we can start this year by changing, by #reconnecting ourself to nature. Because we belong to this powerful web of life. In the end, the fate of it depends on individual choices. We must make sure the #next generation also has the opportunity to have meaningful encounters with nature, because they cannot grow to love nature if they do not #experience it.
We can turn #2022 into the year the world embraced #green, #sustainable ideas and put them into action. Together, we can restore this #planet! Let's do it for every generation that will follow us, and for the improved life it can deliver for each of uS.
As the final hours of 2021 pass, we hope and pray for peace and prosperity, #comfort and #confidence for each of you.
Happy holidays!