The tragedy of the #Alpes-Maritimes region, particularly of the Breil sur Roya valley can’t leave anyone indifferent. In 2005 the President of our Association Mikhail Nefedov visited this wonderful valley, returning here after the disastrous #tempeteAlex was heartbreaking. Following the devastation caused by storm Alex in October, MonAsia team decided to join the #solidarity for the Roya providing a financial donation of 5 000 euros. As Mr Nefedov, President of MonAsia Association said, “Being a resident of the Principality it is an honor for me to join the initiative of Prince Albert II in supporting the Valley of Breil sur Roya as they recover from the devastating effects of the October storm” On behalf of MonAsia Association we would like to thank the Mayor of Breil sur Roya Sébastien Olharan for his warm welcome and hospitality. Undoubtedly we’ll keep in touch with local authorities and stay committed to solving this problem as only through #joint efforts we’ll be able to make a difference in the time of crisis. Big or small, from near or far, any support matters. #breilsurroya #monaco #StrongerTogether #GreatReset #naturaldisaster #weareinagreendeal #PrinceAlbertII Breil-sur-Roya Sébastien Olharan, Maire de Breil-sur-Roya