#BreakingNews! Summit on Climate on April 22 President Joe Biden invited Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping of China to the first big climate talks of his administration. This event is aimed to shape, speed up and deepen global efforts to cut climate-wrecking fossil fuel pollution. The president is seeking to revive a U.S.-convened forum of the world’s major economies on climate that George W. Bush and Barack Obama both used and Donald Trump let languish. Leaders of some of the world’s top climate-change sufferers, do-gooders and backsliders round out the rest of the 40 invitations being delivered Friday. The 40 invitees also include leaders of countries facing some of the gravest immediate threats, including low-lying Bangladesh and the Marshall islands, countries seen as modeling some good climate behavior, including Bhutan and some Scandanavian countries, and African nations with variously big carbon sink forests or big oil reserves. Poland and some other countries on the list are seen as possibly open to moving faster away from dirty coal power. It will be held virtually April 22 and 23. The former US secretary of state promised to provide further details at a later date. Kerry said, however, that holding the summit "is vital to ensuring that 2021 is the year that really makes up for the time lost over the past four years. In addition, Kerry said the upcoming summit will help lay the groundwork for success at the 26th Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow in November. During the briefing, a reporter asked how the US, in light of its "tensed relationship with China", plans to "bring the PRC and India to the negotiating table". "Of course, we have serious tensions with China. <...> Issues of intellectual property theft, market access, the South China Sea at the top of the list. We all know that none of these issues will be exchanged for anything that has to do with climate," Kerry responded. Source: https://www.state.gov