Sustainable cruising is no longer a dream with Hynova 40🍀
Battery powered 12-meter Hynova 40 is supported by the Hydrogen Range Extender with fuel cell technology from Toyota. The world’s first recreational boat that uses hydrogen to sail was developed by ChloĂ© Zaied. A sailor by training as well as a startup founder, this young woman is eager to revolutionise the world of yachting by applying a promising hydrogen technology. Undoubtedly, Hynova will be an important accelerator on the way to sustainable green future. With two 150 kW motors combined with two batteries, the boat can reach 15 knots cruising with 25 knots maximum. It takes advantage of the REXH2 solution developed by the project’s technology partner Energy Observer Developments. Energy Observer is originally the name of the first autonomous zero emission, no noise disturbance, both a plea and a laboratory for the ecological transition.
On behalf of all the team of Monasia Association we would like to thank Chloé Zaied for this meet and an opportunity learn more about the main features of the recreational hydrogen eco-friendly boat.
PS: Hynova is participating in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge (6-10 July). We are sure it will face the challenge and go through all the sea trials. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you informed.