Survival of the cities... Urban life during the new era explained by Richard Florida According to Mr Florida, for the time being we experience a great shift. One of the accelerators is remote work. While families and older people leave huge cities for the suburbs or for the countryside, the younger people, particularly the creative ones, will get the chance to establish their careers in the cities. « But artists and creatives have been critical to revitalizing cities, especially in the past century. And they will be so in the current crisis», said Florida during the annual Utopian Hours conference, which explores cities and urbanism. In addition, he mentioned that COVID-19 provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to address the long history of economic injustice and racial division to reset and rebuild our communities, not just our big cities, our big cities and small cities, our suburbs and rural areas in ways that are better." "We are going through a great urban reset," he declared. "I would argue this is