Be ready to welcome the magnificent giants back and feel their incredible magic as we did it today.

23 species of whale have been recorded in the Mediterranean, 13 species among them are vagrant. Notably, whales have become a symbol of new real values in our changing world.
Thanks to the practice of whale watching now we can encounter creatures we only used to witness in TV documentaries.
As Victor Blanchard Scheffer said, « They are awesome and mysterious. In their cold, wet, and forbidding world they are complete and successful. They deserve to be saved, not as potential meatballs, but as a source of encouragement to mankind »
Indeed to be able to protect these fascinating marine mammals, we have to learn more about them. At this stage, stakeholder engagement becomes highly important. Today we had a chance to meet such motivated people: Antoine Drochon and Patrice Garziglia, a perfect example of generation connection to follow. It was Patrice who opened a sea life to Antoine and shared with him his dedication to protecting the sea and the ocean and respecting their inhabitants. It was also Patrice first holder in the department and promoter of the "High-Quality Whale Watching" label, the only state certification guaranteeing respectful, responsible observation and environmental excellence, who was at the birth of a sustainable practice of whale watching, clean, the green industry that promotes whale education and conservation. It provides a greater understanding of their conservation needs and a determination to help protect them against the myriad threats they face...
Thank you Antoine and Patrice for this wonderful Saturday morning, despite all the unpredictable weather conditions we managed to enjoy nature’s most beautiful creatures as well as to discover the rich Mediterranean biodiversity.

PS: Were you aware that the whale tail is symbolic of the human connection to the sea: the unity of the most powerful land animal and the most powerful water animal? I Hope, our post will give you some food for thoughts