The #ocean gives us so much. It provides every second breath we take and offers #moments that take our breath away. It supports the livelihoods of millions around the world
and the lives of countless creatures that call it home. And while it has been impacted by #climate change, it holds the power to heal the #Earth - but only if we join together to protect and restore it.
Cherry Blossom, followed by #Shinkai (deep sea) had become an event for a great cause: protecting the #ocean. It was a pleasure to get an invitation to participate in a closing "Cherry Blossom" ceremony organized by Mr. and Mrs.
Wittouck, the High Life of Monaco Fondation, Prince Albert Il Fondation @fondationprincealbert2, and Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer. The event was inaugurated by Madame Mayu Wittouck, founder of The High Life Monaco, in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II in the courtyard of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Fondation @hshprincealbertii where the Ema was blessed by a Kannushi (priest) in a traditional Japanese ceremony.
The funds collected will be donated to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Fondation, for its activities in support of the ocean.
#monaco #villalavigie #hshprincealbertofmonaco