Thank you @latribune_news for your kind invitation to Zero Carbon Forum 2021 which took place the 30th #November in Hotel de La Ville in #Paris. 1000 participants and 30 round-table #discussions. Nearly 130 researchers, trade unions, #companies, NGOs, elected officials were able to exchange their #opinions on various subjects (densification, European green pact, climate and social #emergency, green hydrogen, transport, #digital, light #pollution, waste management)
This conference gave the floor to the #mayors of #major cities and all those on the front line of these transitions to talk about the #sustainable future, #responsible #innovations and progress in collaboration with #nature.
Anne Hidalgo, @annehidalgo Mayor of Paris, opened the event, calling for a #consensus to accelerate the transformation of our economies and lifestyles towards zero carbon.
In the face of the disappointment of some after the last COP in Glasgow in November, she showed a strong enthusiasm and recalled the fight undertaken by Paris in 2014 against air pollution, and the confrontation with the diesel lobby that it led to.
For the mayor of Paris, it is necessary to appeal to the responsibility of politicians, companies, citizens, to understand that we must not stop the zero carbon #movement.
"Consensus is possible thanks to the scientists who enlighten us. There is no other possible and viable path than this. We must get out of the small calculations and the big manipulations" while "creating tools to accompany the transformation of activities".
A Zero Carbon Forum provided a space for all the key actors and stakeholders to join their words and actions around one common problem - Climate Crisis, and we were glad to participate in it.
Do not hesitate to watch the forum replay via the following link
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