MONASIA Association

MONASIA is a Monégasque non-profit association (Law No. 1.355 of December 23, 2008) whose main purpose and activity is to create an international community of stakeholders committed to implement Sustainable Development Goals into our life and integrate CSR into our practices and values.

Our goals

Along the lines set in 2021 by the World Economic Forum, MONASIA wants to build a better, greener and fairer new world while preserving, as much as possible, the existing economic and social structure.

MONASIA' s main goals are:

  • to advise and guide decision-makers, entrepreneurs and investors to tackle economic, and social challenges and provide them with a set of societal expectations of what constitutes responsible behavior, based on authoritative international instruments.
  • MONASIA wishes to be at the top of the digital revolution and puts an emphasis on business ethics. to promote innovative entrepreneurial methods and approaches towards a sustainable economy and finance, in particular to develop a business community amongst entrepreneurs and citizens concerned by the protection of the environment and climate change issues.

Our actions and our means

MONASIA organizes conferences, debates,  both in the Principality of Monaco and abroad on various subjects related to environmental protection and geopolitical, legal, financial and economic issues which may be of interest to local or foreign investors.

MONASIA collects and provides expertise and support to a community of like-minded partners, public and private investors, social innovators and entrepreneurs willing to participate to the ongoing digital revolution and eager to understand the economic and financial challenges of this century. In particular, MONASIA may provide potential investors with independent information on environment-friendly financial products, digital currencies and good banking practices.

MONASIA also provides access to working spaces, resources, information and financial support to turn ideas into action. In particular MONASIA provides guidance and recommendations on how to structure, evaluate, and improve the social responsibility of the companies, including stakeholder relationships and community impacts.

Our partners

Thanks to its private partners and sponsors, MONASIA is able to finance and collaborate on a regular basis with local non-profit associations such as The Prince Albert II Foundation and The Red Cross of Monaco, and it actively supports local charitable institutions such as The Princess Grace Hospital.

Thanks to its permanent partnership with the World Economic Forum, the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis and the Economist magazine, MONASIA is able to share with its associates first-hand information on a number of economic and geopolitical subjects.

Our stakeholders are :

  • large multi-national corporations
  • small and medium size enterprises
  • the public sector (hospitals, schools or others)
  • foundations, charities and NGOs
  • extractive industries, such as mining and fossil fuel companies
  • service and financial industries (banks, IT, insurance)
  • municipal governments
  • farmers and agribusiness
  • consultancies


Our missions include :

  • attract like-minded partners, investors, customers and staff
  • improve relations with employees, communities, the media, suppliers, and government agencies
  • help to establish more robust, stable supply chains
  • contribute to sustainable development by reducing harmful environmental, social and economic impacts
  • help manage and reduce risks
  • identify new opportunitiesand provide transparent, objective and reliable information regarding ESG and CSR implementation


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