Like entering a time tunnel was the reopening of Le Chantecler,one of the most iconic Michelin-Star restaurants .
Thanks to its location, Palace Le Negresco, masterpiece of Belle Epoque , it is easy to feel transported back over a century ago.
In addition to being one of the most refined areas of the Palace, le Chantecler offers high-quality cooking and excellent service which provide sophisticated experience.
A fabulous evening began from the greeting of the team : Maitre d’Hotel Nawfal Marzak, Chef Sommelier Florian Guilloteau and Chef Virginie Basselot. This warm greeting was followed by delicious dinner.
Signature menu elaborated by Virginie Basselot and her team is based on fresh local products.
Wine pairing selected by Chef Sommelier Florian GUILLOTEAU perfectly complemented every dish. We really appreciated his professional recommendations on the choice of cheese accompanied by the dried fruit.
Thank you Virginie Basselot, Florian Guilloteau and Nawfal Marzak for this magnificent dining experience, memorable impressions and staying loyal to the era of elegance. It was a fabulous journey back to the past. Looking forward to seeing you soon
PS: Highly recommended dessert chocolate,caramel , peanut, you are sure to be surprised by the combination of incredible flavours and artistic presentation.