Switzerland, a land of lakes, a land of contrasts where the old and the new come together, where a new understanding is being developed. Looking at magnificent turquoise waters surrounded with greenery and snow-capped mountains one gets enveloped by the mysterious beauty of sunset and glaciers. Undoubtedly this atmosphere inspires creativity, no wonder a famous Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninov wrote here at his villa Senar, built on the shores of Lake Lucern two major works: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini completed in 1934 and the Third symphony completed in 1936. Rachmaninoff was often visited by his friends, among them Fiodor Ivanovich Chaliapine, Vladimir Horowitz and his wife Wanda, Nikoalï Medtner, Michael Fokine and others. What were they talking about sitting around the dinner table and looking at this wonderful surreal land? Maybe about culture, science, morality or the new world development ? No one knows, however, fairly certain, this place, a bridge between Old and New gives birth to a new understanding. Without feeling the Spirit of History you can’t appreciate the coming changes. The world is interconnected, and we are a part of this equation, and you become aware of it while looking at the ancient lake surrounded by snowy mountains in the World Crypto Capital Zug.
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