Reflecting on the Success of the Third Sustainability Week: Countdown to COP28 by The Economist Impact Events. The COP28 Countdown event has concluded, and what a remarkable journey it was! • Companies worldwide came together, announcing bold emission-reduction commitments and embracing green investments. / ~ COP28 Countdown emphasized the urgency of aligning businesses with climate goals for long-term survival and gathered experts from diverse fields, including business leaders, civil society representatives, and passionate youth climate activists. S The resounding message throughout the event was clear: "We need to stop measuring promises and start measuring our progress." In indeed, it was a platform for insights, innovation, and community engagement, focusing on the delicate balance between human aspirations and our planet's sustainability. With over 8,000 attendees from across the globe, it became a pivotal moment in addressing climate change. The discussions spanned various topics, including decarbonizing business, financing net zero initiatives, promoting supply chain sustainability, and harnessing innovative technology for adaptation. The event emphasized the need to shift away from profit-centric approaches and embrace responsible management and regulation. Education and novel accounting standards emerged as powerful tools to drive this shift, promising a brighter future for business practices. Let's carry the momentum forward as the impact of this event continues to ripple through society and the environment. Together, we can drive meaningful change! #SustainabilityAchieved #ClimateActionPrevails #COP28Countdown #SustainabilityAchieved @sustainability_unlocked #blackrock @theeconomist @theeconomistevents_