Embracing Global Collaboration: COP 28 Insights Today was an incredible journey into the global dialogue on sustainable development at the @theeconomistevents_ Economist Impact event, "Building the cities of tomorrow, today." Honored to represent Monasia among visionary stakeholdersfrom around the world. @theeconomist COP @cop28uaeofficial is more than a local or national effort; it's about fostering collaboration on a global scale. The discussion, sponsored by UN Habitat @unitednations and expertly moderated by Philip Cornell, delved into mitigating risks and unlocking opportunities for a sustainable future. Among the brilliant minds sharing insights: • Jeff Marootian - Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, US Department of Energy, shed light on energy efficiency and renewable energy. Maimunah Mohd Sharif - Executive Director, UN Habitat, discussed strategies for building sustainable cities. Elizabeth Petheo - Principal, International Development, and Humanitarian Assistance, Miyamoto International