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Bee Camino : mastering mindfulness via pollinators

In the intricate choreography of nature, the honey bee's life mirrors the enchantment of a mystical well: 'The more you draw from it, the more it fills with water.' Karl Von Frisch's profound words beautifully capture the essence of the honey bee's existence. Honey bees are only one type of bee, however, and there are many other pollinators, whose tireless efforts sustain the delicate balance of ecosystems. Much like a well that replenishes when quenched, the pollinator's purpose appears boundless, offering a timeless wellspring of inspiration for those attuned to the marvels of the natural world.

Connect, learn, and rediscover your bond with nature. Our expert speakers will help you to unlock the secrets:

**Dr. Jeff Ollerton**

Visiting Professor of Biodiversity

University of Northampton (UK) | Kunming Institute of Botany (China)

**Subjects Covered:**

1. Why are pollinators important?”What are pollinators? Prepare to be surprised!
2. Exploring the diversity of pollinators
3. The art of pollination by these fascinating creatures
4. Impacts on the planet and human society revealed


Duration: 3 hrs-

**10 am - 11:30 am:** Dive into the world of pollinators with Dr. Jeff Ollerton-
**11:30 am - 12 pm:** Break – Time to rejuvenate!
**12 pm - Connecting Mindfully with Nature**

**Presenter: Karin Blak**

Writer | Qualified Facilitator | Therapist. Author of:- "The Essential Companion to Talking Therapy" (Watkins Publishing)- "Google Wellness Journal" (Juniper)

**Subjects Covered:**

-What is a mindful connection?
-Techniques to mindfully connect with nature
-Opportunities to practice this connection
-Discover the benefits for both us and nature
-Where and when to integrate mindful connection into your life

Introduction by Anastasia from the Monasia association


 "Dive into the world of pollinators" with Dr. Jeff Ollerton



 "Connecting Mindfully with Nature" with Karin Blak



 Question & Answer | Dr Jeff Ollerton



 Question & Answer | Karin Blak