#BreakingNews #Iceland #Iceland bans commercial whaling 🐋 Commercial whaling in Iceland could be banned within two years, after a government minister said there was little justification for the practice. The northern European country, an island in the North Atlantic, is one of few places to allow whale #hunting. But demand for the #mammals' meat has decreased dramatically since Japan - Iceland's main market - resumed #commercial whaling in 2019. Iceland's fisheries minister says #whaling is no longer profitable. “Why should Iceland take the risk of keeping up whaling, which has not brought any economic gain, in order to sell a product for which there is hardly any demand?" Svandis Svavarsdottir wrote on Friday in the Morgunbladid newspaper. Source : @bbcnews #esg #sustainabledevelopment #csr #staysustainable #beresponsible