We are excited to share with vou the news from our stakeholders @lepton foundation and @hpz.li From Liechtenstein to Lourdes, bee hotels are joining the Way of St. James! For over two decades, hp has been renowned for producing bee and insect hotels made from solid wood. As part of their « Bee Camino » initiative, the Lepton Charity Foundation will strategically place these bee hotels along the Way of St. James, especially at the sacred site of Lourdes. These bee hotels play a vital role in promoting pollination, biodiversity, and natural pest control. They also serve as an educational tool, introducing children to the importance of biodiversity and sustainability. The hpz @hpz.li and the Lepton Charity Foundation @lepton foundation aim to create a deeper understanding of nature conservation along this iconic pilgrimage route. #liechtenstein #pollinatorhotel #hpzliechtenstein #monaco #esg #beecamino #artofsmallsteps